Why Exercise Is a Critical Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

When people talk about a healthy lifestyle, one of the first things that comes to mind is exercise. The thought of exercise may be daunting to some, but it is a crucial component of staying healthy and improving longevity. Luckily, excessive exercise is not needed to stay healthy. As little as 30 minutes of moderate physical activity improves cardiovascular health, helps people to maintain a healthy weight, and reduces the risk of developing life-long health conditions. Check out some of the reasons why it is essential to work regular exercise into a daily routine.   Read more

July PMI Data Shows Recovery Chugging Along

We’ve written quite a bit lately about the deterioration in high-frequency data. Indicators of mobility (such as auto and air travel, commuting activity, restaurant diners, etc.) leveled off in July due to the latest wave of COVID-19 cases. The strong rebound in the job market reflected in May and June jobs data has faded, based on the increase in continuing claims reported last week by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more

3 Healthy Habits That Improve Longevity

Healthy habits help people to stave off illness, have more energy, feel better emotionally, and perform better. What some people may not realize is that leading a healthy lifestyle may also significantly improve your longevity. Healthy people are less likely to come down will avoidable illnesses and diseases that lead to health problems, which ultimately reduce their life span. While there is a myriad of healthy habits that may improve the quality of life, there are some that are geared to improving the length of your life.   Read more

Dollar Weakness May Continue

The US dollar was remarkably strong during the first quarter of 2020, benefitting from the flight to safety and rallying to nearly a 10% year-to-date gain at the stock market’s low point on March 23. However, as equity markets have recovered, and the US has continued to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the dollar has given up nearly all of those gains. We think this trend may continue, and if so, it would have important implications for a range of asset classes. Read more

Dealing with Life’s Transitional Moments

Some life transitions, such as a career change or marriage, are planned, but a job loss or divorce can be sudden and unexpected. One common thread that accompanies all transitions, however, is the concern about whether there will be enough money to maintain your lifestyle. The timing involved with the unpredictability of certain life events is often the main cause of anxiety over personal finances. Read more

The Sandwich Generation: Juggling Family Responsibilities

At a time when your career is reaching a peak and you are looking ahead to your own retirement, you may find yourself in the position of having to help your children with college expenses while at the same time looking after the needs of your aging parents. Squeezed in the middle, you’ve joined the ranks of the “sandwich generation.”  Read more

Taking Stock at the Halfway Mark

It’s certainly been a wild ride for stocks in 2020. Barely past the halfway point, the year has already brought the worst pandemic to hit the US in over 100 years, an unprecedented government-induced recession as much of the country was locked down, some stomach-churning market volatility, and massive, unprecedented stimulus from policymakers totaling several trillion dollars—that’s trillion with a “t”. Read more