Stock Market Gains Likely To Slow

After one of the best starts to a bull market in history, the rally has started to show signs of fatigue. A strong economic recovery lies ahead as the roepening continues, bolstering a very strong earnings outlook that is helping stocks grow into elevated valuations. However, in the second half of the year, as inflationary pressures build, interest rates potentially rise further, and this bull market gets a little older, the pace of stock market gains will likely slow and come with more volatility. Read more

Staying Financially and Physically Fit

It’s early in the morning, still dark outside and your alarm sounds.  At this point, it would be so easy to hit the snooze button and roll back over.  It feels like you just went to bed.  You think to yourself how much you could use a few more minutes of sleep.  Instead, you decide to rise and shine and get moving.  Within a few minutes, you’re into your exercise routine.  Read more

History of St. Patrick’s Day

On Saint Patrick’s Day, towns hold festive parades, people head to restaurants to dine on Irish fare, children pinch each other if they don’t wear green, and everything from beers to milkshakes turn the color of shamrocks. Wondering about the roots of these celebrations? Then, take a look at this brief history of Saint Patrick’s Day.   Read more

Avoid The Market Timing Trap in Retirement

After decades of adding to your retirement accounts, making the mental switch to withdrawal mode can be a challenge. It may be tempting to try to time the market to mitigate the risk of any sudden drops or ongoing turbulence. However, market timing is almost unequivocally a bad idea, especially when you no longer have the ability to financially recover from major mistakes. Learn how creating a financial plan for your retirement can help you avoid any sudden, costly moves.  Read more

An Active Life is a Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle fosters human excellence. It is an integration of the mind, body, and spirit that enables us to continually uncover our potential and strive to achieve all of which we are capable. Healthfulness is a state of accepting responsibility for our own well being. It recognizes health as a method of living that leads to self-fulfillment. Read more