Taking Stock at the Halfway Mark

It’s certainly been a wild ride for stocks in 2020. Barely past the halfway point, the year has already brought the worst pandemic to hit the US in over 100 years, an unprecedented government-induced recession as much of the country was locked down, some stomach-churning market volatility, and massive, unprecedented stimulus from policymakers totaling several trillion dollars—that’s trillion with a “t”. Read more

Health Insurance for Travelers

You were having a great time on your vacation–until your toddler woke up from her nap with a fever. If you were at home, you’d take her to the pediatrician right away and rely on your health insurance to pay for her care. But what do you do now that you are miles away? Here are some things you need to know about health insurance while traveling.  Read more

The Best Quarter Since 1998

What a quarter the second quarter was, with the S&P 500 Index adding 20.0%, for the best quarter since 1998 and the best second quarter since 1938. Of course, stocks fell 20% in the first quarter, so what we really have is a bad case of whiplash in 2020 thus far. Read more

An Active Life is a Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle fosters human excellence. It is an integration of the mind, body, and spirit that enables us to continually uncover our potential and strive to achieve all of which we are capable. Healthfulness is a state of accepting responsibility for our own well being. It recognizes health as a method of living that leads to self-fulfillment. Read more

Why Some Doctors are Prescribing a Day in the Park or a Walk on the Beach for Good Health

Taking a walk on a wooded path, spending an afternoon in a public park, harvesting your backyard garden and even looking at beautiful pictures of Hawaii can all make us feel good. Certainly, for many of us, it’s beneficial to have time outside in natural environments. Being cooped up inside can feel unnatural and increase our desire to get outside. The renowned biologist E.O. Wilson created a theory called the biophilia hypothesis, where he stated that people have an innate relationship to nature. Read more

3.30.20 CARES Act Passed

I hope this finds you and your family healthy, safe and well!  Last Friday, March 27th, President Trump signed what has become the largest emergency stimulus measure in our country’s history, a $2.2 trillion package aimed at helping individuals, families, businesses of all sizes and healthcare facilities impacted by the virus.  Congress acted quickly with legislation to complement the Federal Reserve’s aggressive efforts on the monetary side.  Nearly 900 pages in length, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act will be read and analyzed for weeks, months and years to come.  We wanted to make you aware of the most notable provisions potentially relevant to you and your family.  Read more