Financial planning and saving for our future is something we all know we need to do though it’s rarely talked about around the family dinner table or formally taught in school. We believe these conversations should be fun with plenty of laughter, good times and communication along the way. There’s no room for stuffiness here. We’re having lively and entertaining exchanges about living a long, healthy purposeful life surrounded by the people, places and activities you love the most.  

What could be more fun than that? Getting to do it! 

We believe everyone should be acting on a financial plan and enjoy a relationship with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. So much so that we do not accept any new proactive investment management Clients without completing a financial plan first.


People do business with people. Always have and probably always will. So we’re in the people business, first and foremost. When you do well, we do well. We specialize in preparing you for a retirement, or work optional, lifestyle and keeping you comfortably retired with a lifetime income plan. Our time is spent with people, just like you, in deep, meaningful conversation doing what we love to do.  

From that investment, we understand your visions, goals and dreams and are as committed to them as anyone inside of your home and that has your last name. At all times, our advice will be identical to what we would do or may be doing ourselves in similar circumstances. You can rest knowing that our guidance is always driven by our Client Covenant, your desires, time-tested principles and your financial plan.
We are fiduciaries, in thought and deed. This means your best interests are our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to you and the quality of life you desire for yourself and your family, now and in the future.


We hung up the dark suits and red ties years ago. We also exchanged the big, formal desk for a round table and a great computer camera to Zoom with you no matter where life takes either of us. It’s real, we’re real and we’re in this together with you.  

Our compensation is fair, reasonable and is dependent upon your unique situation. We help you get clear on what matters most in your life. From there, we design, create and implement a complete financial plan centered around what matters most to you while focusing on the seven main areas of financial planning. We do the complicated work behind the scenes to understand your plan’s success by testing it 1,000 times against unique scenarios that may arise along your journey and adjust it for optimal results. We provide guidance to keep you informed and adjust your plan as your life, laws and markets evolve.  

In the end, you can confidently relax knowing that you have a sustainable financial plan in place to take care of you and your family so you can pursue the life you want. 


Our first rule of investing is for you not to worry. We provide a simple, easy to understand framework, backed by hundreds of years of history, on how to think about your retirement and investment savings. In most cases, our compensation is 1% or less of the assets you have entrusted us to manage. This comes out to no more than a penny on the dollar.  

Our process is repeatable, provides access to some of the most experienced money managers in the world and is focused on the results needed for your plan to succeed. Once diversified and implemented, we want you to stay relaxed and allow the results to happen over time. We’re in contact frequently as we continually monitor your accounts, and you enjoy our mobile app and online access to see your values every day if you choose.

You always enjoy 100% open lines of communication with us and confidential ears to listen and talk about anything on your mind. While all of this is happening, you’re able to spend more free time with the people, places and activities you love the most.


The curveballs of life come in many shapes, forms and fashions. It’s inevitable, and they often arrive at inconvenient times. These times are when big mistakes, financial or otherwise, are most likely to happen. Our process is purposefully set to cushion the ups and downs of life while still pursuing your visions, goals and dreams.

Our communication, compassion and composure are ongoing and last for the entirety of our relationship. This is the most important part of what we do once your financial and investing plan are in place. We’re here to listen, guide and hold your and your family’s hand when the going gets tough.

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