The link between our physical and financial well-being is more connected than ever. We enjoy exploring the world of wellness and lifestyle management in our free time and feel a responsibility to share the positive power of what we are learning. Our contributions are in no way a substitution for seeking guidance from medical professionals. Our vision is to simply share empowering content and help make the world a better place.

The vibrancy and abundance of a human life is designed to thrive 100 years or longer. We have Clients that have surpassed this milestone and would like to celebrate it even more in the future. Thankfully, physicians and longevity researchers are concluding that most of the chronic diseases affecting the world today have the potential to be avoided, managed or potentially reversed with proper nutrition and lifestyle management. The research is fascinating, the treatment is changing and so is our quality of life. All for the better!


let's make it!

This is our favorite dessert! It’s made with no eggs, dairy, oil, added sugar and little to no added salt depending on preference. We encourage you to use organic ingredients if possible. 

black bean brownies


download the recipe

Purple jungle


our favorite recipes

This is one of our favorite smoothie recipes. It packs powerful nutrients and is great as a light meal on the go. Using the freshest organic produce available, mix the ingredients in a blender and go!

download the recipe

download the recipe

Chocolate thunder


If you like chocolate and peanut butter, this one’s for you. It’s light enough for pre-workout, filling enough for post workout or available for a sweet treat. Quick, easy and full of energy!

let's make it!

let's make it!



the pineapple package

We are excited to introduce a collaboration with Rachael DeCaria, Registered Dietician, and her company Plan to Plate! Rachael brings her infectious energy and personality to help others learn more about food, nutrition and the positive impact it can have on our quality of life. Check out the Pineapple Package created exclusively for Eastwood Wealth!

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You are under no obligation to use the services of Rachael DeCaria, and Plan to Plate. Rachael DeCaria, and Plan to Plate, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial.

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