2011 Annual Letter

I hope this finds you and your family doing well.  With 2012 on the horizon, I felt it fitting to share a few thoughts for tomorrow and reflections from the past.  

I watched an interview earlier in the year where a legendary investor was asked what one investment he would recommend everyone own.  After pondering the question, his response was, pursue your life’s aspirations today.  After years of planning, and what seemed like an infinite amount of quiet time thinking, Eastwood Wealth Management became a reality in 2011.  I appreciate your trust, confidence and patience as all three have been required during the transition.  

The mission of Eastwood Wealth Management is a reflection of my commitment to you: Provide proactive leadership that helps you attain, grow and preserve your financial independence.  The culture is derived from our Client Covenant which is directly correlated to my upbringing.  These best practices lead me and the company daily.  It is truly the foundation of who we are and will illuminate our path forward.

Client Covenant

Always tell you the truth.

Do the very best we can.

Treat you and your financial well-being as we do our own.

Be confidential, objective and completely committed to the realization of your financial dreams.

Challenge our most deeply held convictions through research and the continuance of our education.

Be good stewards in the communities we serve.

The idea of owning my own practice fulfills the entrepreneurial spirit in me that dates back to my Grandfather, Warren Evans.  In March of 1943, at the age of 22, he opened our family dry cleaning business.  He did so with a $50 car and $2,000 that he borrowed with a handshake and no formal documents from a local banker.  Times have certainly changed.  Over the years, my Father took over the reins and the business will be 69 years old in 2012.

I often think of my Grandparent’s generation and the advancement they have seen during their lifetime.  They grew up in the Great Depression and remember horse and buggy rides on dirt roads.  They remember the Model T and marvel at automobiles that park themselves today.  They watched man walk on the moon and have seen attacks on our homeland.  There is no question there will be significant advancement from here, but it is hard to imagine that future generations will experience this big of a leap forward.  One can only wonder what the children of today will endure. 

Recently, the world has become one of rescue funds or bailouts, depending upon how you look at it.  Neither of which provide a long-term solution.  They simply buy time.  Whether we are “kicking the can down the road” or “rolling a snowball down the hill,” we all have a responsibility.  Will Rogers probably said it best: “I am more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money.” 

I believe we should get back to the basics taught by our Grandparents and Parents: save for a rainy day, live beneath your means, reduce your debt, spend less and work just a little longer.  Of course, stopping to smell the roses along the way is important too.    

During the holidays, I find it refreshing to take a step back and realize how good life really is.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy one of our greatest gifts: the fellowship of our family and friends.  As always, thank you for being a part of the Eastwood Wealth Management family.  I look forward to sharing a prosperous 2012 together!



Tim Evans, CFP®