COVID-19 Trends Weaken the Case for Investing in Europe

In recent months, we have warmed up to Europe as a destination for equity investments in global portfolios. Through July, Europe had done a relatively good job containing the first wave of COVID-19, and cases were plummeting to multi-month lows. Meanwhile, the United States was struggling with its second wave—or perhaps the second phase of the first wave—and was seeing cases surge in July despite the warm summer weather. Read more

Avoid The Market Timing Trap in Retirement

After decades of adding to your retirement accounts, making the mental switch to withdrawal mode can be a challenge. It may be tempting to try to time the market to mitigate the risk of any sudden drops or ongoing turbulence. However, market timing is almost unequivocally a bad idea, especially when you no longer have the ability to financially recover from major mistakes. Learn how creating a financial plan for your retirement can help you avoid any sudden, costly moves.  Read more

Back to School and Work: How to Succeed at Both During the Pandemic

With the new school year fast approaching, and coronavirus cases still continuing to rise many parents are growing concerned about what the upcoming school year will look like. For some schools, in-person learning is expected to happen, often with restrictions on times and days, and strict policies on illness. Others are using hybrid formats of online and in-person learning, while others have gone completely virtual. No matter which learning model, all parents will face the challenge of having to juggle their work-life with a much more unusual return to school. Looking for ways to make the transition a little easier? Consider following the tips listed below.   Read more