An Active Life is a Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle fosters human excellence. It is an integration of the mind, body, and spirit that enables us to continually uncover our potential and strive to achieve all of which we are capable. Healthfulness is a state of accepting responsibility for our own well being. It recognizes health as a method of living that leads to self-fulfillment. Read more

Why Some Doctors are Prescribing a Day in the Park or a Walk on the Beach for Good Health

Taking a walk on a wooded path, spending an afternoon in a public park, harvesting your backyard garden and even looking at beautiful pictures of Hawaii can all make us feel good. Certainly, for many of us, it’s beneficial to have time outside in natural environments. Being cooped up inside can feel unnatural and increase our desire to get outside. The renowned biologist E.O. Wilson created a theory called the biophilia hypothesis, where he stated that people have an innate relationship to nature. Read more

Challenges Abound in the US Service Sector

Recent economic data confirms that the US economy has entered a recession, led by the consumer, which accounts for more than two-thirds of the economy based on gross domestic product (GDP).  The consumer spending collapse was evident from March’s personal consumption expenditures data released last Wednesday, which showed a record 7.5% month-over-month drop in consumer outlays. Read more

Food Summit Revolution

I hope you and your family are well!  I decided almost a decade ago to quietly immerse myself in wellness and lifestyle education after witnessing the cumulative effects on those closest to me: my Family, Friends and Clients.  I understand the sensitivity around the topic and feel a responsibility to share the positive power of what I am learning.  Witnessing the impact of the coronavirus, especially on those with preexisting conditions, has moved me to share at this time.  Over the years, I have learned there is little more closely tied to our financial independence than protecting our wellness and lifestyle.  The two are inextricably connected, and no one is talking about it.  My vision is to start sharing empowering content, from time to time, related to health and lifestyle in the spirit of us pursuing a better quality of life. Read more

When Will The Recession Officially Start?

With 22 million jobs lost in the past four weeks, a record drop in retail sales, and huge drops in industrial production and housing starts, it is safe to say we are likely in a recession. Even the Federal Reserve (Fed) in the recent Beige Book said that “economic activity contracted sharply and abruptly.” We highly doubt the Fed would say that if they didn’t believe the economy was in a recession. Read more